Saturday, 5 January 2013

We need your help!!

A few weeks ago, I found out about a fantastic charity called Hearts and Minds, who help support families touched by autism in the UK & Ireland. They are currently running an amazing "iPad Scheme" that we have joined.

Basically, if we can collect 165 old mobile phones for them they will give River an iPad. How amazing is that?

The benefits of iPads for autistic children have been widely reported. There are apps with recorded words & messages than enable non-verbal children to have a voice. The tapping and sliding of the screen can be an easy concept to grasp for children that can't write and can improve fine motor skills. There are apps to help with academic learning such as letters, phonics, colours, shapes and numbers as well as apps to help with social skills and emotions.

So this is where we need YOUR help- do you have any old phones hanging around? They don't have to be working and they don't need a sim card, but they do need a battery. We would be so, so grateful if you could either give them to us in person or post them to us (they don't need to be boxed, just wrapped in bubble wrap and brown paper would be fine.)

An iPad would be such an amazing educational tool for River, but at £400 it just isn't in our budget. If you have any old phones to donate, please either get in touch via Facebook or email me at

Thank you so much!!


  1. Have you heard of the Family Fund?
    You would be able to apply for a grant for an ipad - if you are unable to get the number of phones you need.

  2. Thanks for the mention and I hope that your phone collection is growing :) Please get in contact if you need help x