Thursday, 8 November 2012

More progress- caught on video!

Just thought I'd share our joy about the progress River is making!

We've been working hard on teaching River to exchange photo cards in order to communicate what he wants. This is the foundation if learning PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System.) I managed to get a wee video of him exchanging a photo of some raisins in exchange for raisins. It's really important when doing this that you aren't replacing sppech with pictures, but using them alongside one another, so you'll notice that every time he gives me the card I say either, "More raisins" or "I want raisins" so that I'm modelling the correct speech.
He was lying on the floor watching tv, still in his Grobag, so his concentration obviously isn't great!

Next up- River got hold of my toffee-flavoured yoghurt pot today & after some initial trepidation was eventually brave enough to dip his fingers in & dab a bit on his lips. After a while, he not only ate some yoghurt directly off the spoon instead of using his fingers (which is very rare!) but he also held the spoon by the handle and ate the yoghurt off it- all by himself!! He has never fed himself with a spoon before, so I grabbed my phone & made sure I got it on video (sorry it's not very good, it was hard to load spoons of yoghurt whilst filming! He'd just woken up from a nap so looks a bit tired.)


  1. brilliant work, thank you for sharing! Evie watched and said 'hooray!' when he took the spoon :D i hope you can capture more moments like these to share xx

  2. It's so lovely. It seems that these little bits of progress happen when you're least expecting them. Yay for River, and yay for having a recording device handy :) x