Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Development assessment at 18 months

When River was 18 months old he had a development assessment with the health visitor. We were really hoping that he would show some delays in the tests so that we'd realise it wasn't all in our heads, but at the same time were desperate for the health visitor to say, "You're wrong- there is nothing wrong with your child."
However, he scored much worse than we expected. She tested him in 7 different areas, & he scored advanced in 1 of them (locomotor- as he can run on tiptoes) but was very delayed in the other 6, scoring 12 months in 2 of them, 6 months in 2 of them & 3 months in 2 of them.
It was devastating & came as a real blow- I thought he might be at around 12 months, but to scored 6 months & 3 months on some of the tests when he was 18 months was a real shock. On the flipside, it was such a relief that we'd finally be taken seriously.
The health visitor said she would like to carry out a repeat assessment in 3 months' time at home, & agreed to refer him for hearing & eyesight checks.

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