Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Speech & language assessment, 20 months

Well River had his speech & language assessment yesterday. The therapist was really nice & asked lots of questions, tried to play a couple of games with River & said she could see what our concerns were.
However, she did say that it is very rare for them to see under 2's, they change & develop so much around this age & that she thinks we'll be hearing that from a lot of the specialists.
She thought it was great that he made really good eye contact with her & was happy to allow her to tickle him. She asked if he tries to copy any of the noises we make- I said that in the last couple of weeks he has started saying, "Baaa baaa baaa" when we sing Old McDonald. She said it definitely sounds like he's progressing, just slower than most. What I should have told her but didn't think about it properly was that he hasn't said, "Baaa baaa baaa" for 2 or 3 days now, despite me singing it lots.
Despite her reassurances, he was still displaying lots of 'autistic' traits. He refused to leave my lap most of the time- every time she talked to him or showed him a game he just stared at her then kept trying to climb up me in a panic. He refused to play with any of the toys, but instead wanted to stare out of the window out of the corner of his eye. He then found his snack pot in my bag & spun it repeatedly. 
She said that all the suggestions she has for us are things we're already doing- simplifying everything ie "River, more? More? More toast?" instead of "Would you like some more toast now?" & using Makaton signs every single time, She also thought it was a good idea to have simple photos of his favourite/most common things in an album so he can eventually use them as a waterer-down version of PECS. 
She's also referring us to Occupational Therapy which I'm really pleased about. 
Tim & I both agree that River is showing more & more autistic traits on an almost daily basis which makes us sad :(
Ed Psych appt is tomorrow & Paeds is at the end of the month so we shall see what they say.

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