Tuesday, 13 March 2012

From the beginning...

A clever friend of mine recently suggested I start a blog about our amazingly gorgeous little boy, River, who is currently undergoing assessments for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder.) He is only 20 months & was only 15 months when we first had our suspicions, so I'd had to be quite pushy to get heard, but I'm convinced he is on the spectrum & won't stop pushing until every possible assessment has been done.

I have written a sort-of diary elsewhere so I'll import these into this blog soon, but for now, here is why we believe River is on the spectrum:

·         Cannot point
·         Cannot wave
·         Cannot clap
·         No words or animal noises
·         Cannot follow a point
·         No interest in other children or people
·         No imaginary play ie pretending to use a phone, pouring a cup of tea
·         Doesn’t smile when smiled at
·         Doesn’t answer to his name- but hears when you whisper ‘milk’ or ‘banana’
·         Obsessed with spinning toys, wheels, phones, blocks- everything
·         Doesn’t play with toys for intended purpose- just spins & flicks them
·         Doesn’t bring/show me toys to include me in his world
·         Has never kissed me or really cuddled me
·         Grinds/humps against muslins in his cot for prolonged periods with deadpan expression & glazed eyes
·         Hates noisy, unfamiliar places ie toddler groups, family parties
·         Doesn’t understand basics ie “Bring me a nappy,” or “Where’s your drink?”
·         Very sensitive to routine
·         Runs up & down living room all day whilst opening & closing fist (stimming)
·         Flaps his arms
·         Like to spin in circles
·         Likes to shake head
·         Walks on tip toes when excited
·         Stares into space & giggles a lot
·         Wanders around the house aimlessly
·         Likes to look at things upside down or side-on
·         Loves the washing machine, especially spin cycle
·         Doesn’t communicate his needs
·         Pokes & prods his eyes
·         Likes to face the corner of the room
·         Stares at lights out of the corner of his eye
·         Likes the CD spinning in the CD player
·         Spins things on the floor then leans right into them to gain visual stimulation
·         Likes to bite/lick the tv remote, freezer door, wooden stairgate- hard things in general
·         Finds visual communication easier- won’t attempt to point at tv or indicate vocally when he wants it on, but would rather climb up, get the remote & drop it next to me
·         Cannot make marks on paper with a pen or felt tip
·         Will not look at books
·         Buries his head in corner of the couch a lot (compression?)
·         Has to test how food & objects react against different surfaces ie will put raisins on the living room floor, flick them, then pick up & put on kitchen floor, then on the stairs, then on the armchair
·         Will not feed himself with a spoon, & will not let us feed him- has finger fed himself from 9 months
·         Doesn’t get any comfort if we cuddle him in the night if he wakes- it’s as if we’re a stranger
·         Likes to have lots of musical toys on at the same time
·         Likes to shout
·         All bowls & containers have to be emptied
·         Likes to run/crash into furniture
·         Struggles to transition from one thing to another-ie having a bath

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